Simon Hew's
Wing Chun Kwoon,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sifu Simon Hew practising on Muk Yan Jong

Wing Chun is a simple but highly effective martial art suitable for both men and women. Its techniques and methods strongly emphasize directness, economy of motion and practical application.

Our mission is to promote and continue the art of Wing Chun here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as taught by Sigung Stephen Chan. Stephen Chan is a renowned student of Chow Sze Chuen, who in turn, was trained by Yip Man.

Yip Man
Chow Sze Chuen
Simon Hew

Sifu Simon Hew started his Wing Chun journey under guidance of Sigung Stephen Chan (in London and Hong Kong) since 1970s and started to teach Wing Chun since 1980s. Since 1990, Sifu Simon Hew is registered member of Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association, the representative body for Wing Chun worldwide.

While keeping true to the traditions passed down from the ancestors, our training method approach is nonetheless modern and forward to suit the ever progressive society. Our training atmosphere is open, friendly and relaxed. Training is structured to enable students to progress at their own pace, ensuring they fully acquire the basic and requisite skills for subsequent stages.

Hong Kong December 2013 birthday dinner of Sijou Chow Sze Chuen, seated front row with some of his former students. Standing, back row from left, Sifu Simon Hew, Sifu Osmond Lam and Grandmaster Stephen Chan.
Grandmaster Stephen Chan with his Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur instructors, at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 2013
Bart Jarm Dao advanced training in Hong Kong under Grandmaster Stephen Chan

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  • Basics:
    • Yi Ji Kim Yeung Ma (Stance)
    • Yat Ji Chung Kuen (Straight Punch)
    • Wing Chun Bart Sao (8 hand techniques)
  • Empty handed forms:
    • Siu Nim Tau (Little Idea)
    • Chum Kiu (Seeking Bridge)
    • Biu Ji (Thrusting Fingers)
  • Sparring Drills:
    • Dan Chi Sau (Single Sticking Hand)
    • Chi Sau (Sticking Hands)
    • Gor Sao (Free-form Sparring)
  • Wooden Dummy
  • Footwork & Kicks:
    • Footwork
    • Wing Chun 13 kicks
  • Pole:
    • Luk Dim Boon Gwun (Six-and-a-half-point Pole)
    • Pole Application
  • Knives:
    • Bart Cham Dao (Eight-pointed Knives)
    • Knives Application

Private lessons are also available.

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Feel free to contact us if you are interested in observing or enrolling in our school.

Our center locations:

  • Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya
  • Taman Midah, Cheras

Sifu JC Ng

Sifu JC Ng is a avid martial arts practitioner. He has been training martial arts since late 1980s. He started learning art of Wing Chun Kuen in 2009 with his Sifu, Grandmaster Simon Hew. Sifu JC constantly and persistently trains to perfecting his skills under the guidance of Grandmaster Simon.

Sifu JC started to teach and promote Wing Chun Kuen since 2018 with the blessing and constant encouragement from Grandmaster Simon and Great Grandmaster Stephen. As they put it,"teaching is a 2 way process, the teacher teaches the student and the student also teaches the teacher. To improve in Wing Chun, you must teach!".

To find out more about Sifu JC Ng, please contact:

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